Fred Hoiberg is not Tom Thibodeau [GALLERY]

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It’s not often a team discards a coach with a .647 winning percentage.

From the moment the Bulls parted ways with Tom Thibodeau and hired Fred Hoiberg, people have drawn comparisons between the two coaching philosophies.

The parallels were inevitable.

Hoiberg stresses offense; Thibs preached defense.

Hoiberg is uptempo; Thibs was a grinder.

Hoiberg talks; Thibs yelled.

Even Hoiberg noted their contrasting styles in a recent ESPN story:

Tom had a lot of set plays that he came down into that were effective. We come down and try to get into a flow offense where there’s not a lot of calls. But we do have quick hitters to get certain guys the ball in specific spots on the floor. To try and take advantage of mismatches and that type of thing and Tom did a lot of that of those same things as well.

But, nowhere have their differences been more noticeable than in their sideline body language.

Face study: Hoiberg vs. Thibs

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