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Frank Kaminsky has a dog in his refrigerator

Charlotte Hornets rookie Frank Kaminsky has become a regular on “The Dan Patrick Show.” Since his “Frank the Tank” days at Wisconsin, he has been a show favorite.

Dan Patrick was hitting Kaminsky with his usual litany of personal questions on Thursday: “What are you going to do all day?” “What’s your crib like?” “Are you having fun?”

Kaminsky, still lying in bed, told Patrick that his “elegant three-bedroom apartment” had “some nice stuff in it” but was in need of “art.”

Patrick never got around to asking about the contents of his refrigerator as he had to Dale Earnhardt Jr. during an earlier interview on Thursday’s show.

After answering a few more questions about rookie hazing, fantasy football and hypothetically playing Michael Jordan in a one-on-one, Kaminsky went back to bed.

But not before taking a picture of the inside of his refrigerator and tweeting it to the DP Show.

As “Danette” Paul Pabst so observantly pointed out, it does look like the rookie from Lisle is eating healthy.