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Jay Cutler ‘cost’ a player $20,000 on FanDuel when he took a knee

When Jay Cutler skillfully took a knee at the end of the Bears’ 22-19 victory over the Chargers on Monday Night Football, some unlucky FanDuel player lost $20,000.

Expressed another way: An unlucky Cutler kneel-down cost a skillful FanDuel player $20,000.

That seems to be the ongoing debate in New York where the challenge flag has been thrown on sports “fantasy” sites FanDuel and DraftKings.

In a recent filing by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to show the sites are nothing more than legalized gambling, the Cutler scenario was used to support their case for a preliminary injunction.


“For a real-life illustration, consider the Monday night NFL game on November 9, 2015. As the game entered its final moments, the Chicago Bears were leading by a tight margin. In a common strategic move, Quarterback Jay Cutler took a knee to run out the clock and assure victory. This play cost the Bears one yard, and reduced Cutler’s total fantasy production by one-tenth of one point—and reportedly cost one unlucky FanDuel player $20,000; he had apparently picked Cutler and the one-tenth of a point reduction spelled the difference between winning $50,000 in first place and $30,000 in second place….”