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Despite early record, fans have more confidence in Blackhawks than Bulls

It’s almost impossible not to compare the Blackhawks and Bulls. The two teams showcased major young stars at nearly the same time all while climbing towards the top of their respective leagues. The biggest, and most obvious difference, however, has been been the championship success.

Roughly a month into both the NHL and NBA season, both teams are trying to find a rhythm. While the Bulls are learning the tendencies of a new coach, the Blackhawks are working in a number of new players.

Both teams are off to a successful start, even if it hasn’t been pretty all the time. So far, the Bulls have had a bit more success, climbing higher in the standings and with a better win percentage. But that has done little to win over favor with fans.

When asked which team inspired more confidence to at least win their conference, the vast majority of people picked the Blackhawks over the Bulls.

More than three fourths of the 323 people who voted believe the Blackhawks have a better chance of winning the Western Conference than the Bulls do to win the NBA Eastern Conference.

There are a number of reasons that may swing the vote in this direction. The pure oddity of NHL playoffs and the Blackhawks success combined with a lack of confidence in the Bulls ability to get passed LeBron James may explain the huge difference in vote totals.