Check out just how much the Bulls starting lineup has changed

SHARE Check out just how much the Bulls starting lineup has changed

Every year their is some turnover in an NBA team’s starting lineup, but it’s easy to forget exactly who started the season as one of the top five. A Reddit user, but together a video for each NBA team’s starting lineup evolution over the last six years.

Mostly due to injuries, the Bulls haven’t had even one player start all six seasons. Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah have each started five seasons, with Rose missing the start of 2012 due to his knee injury and Noah falling out of the starting lineup this year.

The Bulls have used 13 different players over the last six seasons in their opening day starting five. Some of the names, however, are a bit more surprising than others. The Keith Bogans era, for instance, won’t be remembered by many fans.













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