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Derrick Rose is out and admittedly dealing with mental hurdles with this latest injury

SAN FRANCISCO – Stephen Curry will have to wait.

The toughest competition Derrick Rose was facing on Friday was himself.

Dealing with a sprained left ankle suffered last week in the win over Indiana, Rose said after the morning shootaround that his history of injuries, well, has him spooked.

“I feel like my body is a little bit different,’’ Rose said. “If I’m not close to 100 percent I overthink a lot of things and overcompensate on a lot of things, but it comes along with just my body type.’’

Asked if his history with injuries was the reason that overthinking occurs, Rose replied, “Yeah, what has previously happened, and just dealing with the injury. Like if I was to go out there and play, I wouldn’t be playing the game I normally play. I think it would be half of what I can do on the court, and playing against [Golden State] that’s not what I want to do.’’

Although the ankle sprain was not deemed serious, and Rose said that there was no swelling, the Bulls will have three off-days before playing in Portland. That seemingly gives the point guard more than enough time to be ready to return to the court.

“The frustrating thing about it is the last time I played I had a good game, and kind of build off of good games,’’ Rose said. “For me not to have that opportunity to play because of the ankle injury, that’s the only frustrating thing about it, but it’s reality, I have to deal with it, and I’ll be back soon.’’