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Brock Osweiler and Peyton Manning had nearly identical debuts with Broncos

The pupil mirrored the teacher.

It was four years in the coming, but Broncos quarterback Brock Osweiler turned in a debut performance Sunday against the Bears that was very Peyton Manning-like.

In fact, Osweiler’s stellar stats looked nearly identical to the numbers his mentor put up in his Broncos debut in 2012—a 33-19 win over the Steelers—after sitting out a season due to neck surgery.

The comparisons pretty much stop there, though. The Broncos tinkered with their offense game plan in the 17-15 victory over the Bears to suit Osweiler’s drop-back style.

From ESPN’s John Clayton:

As for Osweiler’s overall performance, it’s fair to say he’s off to a great start. He stood tall in the pocket and controlled the middle of the field. He dropped back from center to pass 17 times, more than Manning has done in his 57 games in a Broncos uniform. Thirty-four of the running plays came from behind center, which didn’t happen under Manning.

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