Steve Kerr says a Warriors vs. ’96 Bulls game would be a lot closer than you might think

SHARE Steve Kerr says a Warriors vs. ’96 Bulls game would be a lot closer than you might think

Bulls players and fans alike have been adamant that they don’t think this year’s Warriors team could compare to the 72-win Bulls team of 1996.

Former Bulls guard Ron Harper said recently that his Bulls would sweep Golden State in a series, and fans on Twitter overwhelmingly voted that the 2015-16 Warriors won’t reach 72 wins.

But nobody knows these teams better than Steve Kerr. The current Warriors coach played on that Bulls team and averaged more than eight points and 23 minutes a night.

In an interview with ESPN, Kerr said he believes the matchup would be a lot closer than some others think.

When forced to make a prediction, Kerr said it would be a one-possession game:


So I need a prediction from you, on this very serious topic. In my hypothetical where handchecking is OK and allowed, but you can play any kind of defense you want and that’s allowed, what’s the final score? Kerr: No comment. You won’t comment on a hypothetical that can never happen? Kerr: Yeah. I refuse to comment on the score of this hypothetical game that would never happen. But what if it takes place on Pluto? Kerr: Oh, well if it takes place on Pluto, then I believe it would hinge on a step-back Steph Curry 3 over Michael Jordan at the buzzer. And we’ll never know if it goes in or not.

In the interview, Kerr also discussed whether Michael Jordan would guard Steph Curry and who would win a Dennis Rodman versus Draymond Green matchup.

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The defending champion Warriors will go for the best start in NBA history when they take on the Lakers tomorrow in Oakland.

Through 15 games, Golden State is averaging 115 points per game – better than the 104 scored by the ’96 Bulls during the same time span.

Chicago went 13-2 through its first 15 and had a point differential of plus-125. The Warriors’ point differential is plus-216.

The best Bulls player to wear each number

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