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Jimmy Butler wants ‘Mister Dukie’ Mason Plumlee to pay his upcoming fine, and he’s ‘not playing’

PORTLAND – Jimmy Butler wants Portland’s Mason Plumlee to pay the $2,500 fine he’s about to be hit with from the league, and as Butler said following the 93-88 win over the Trail Blazers Tuesday night, “I’m not playing.’’

It was in the fourth quarter when Plumlee appeared to drop a shoulder into Butler, who was setting a screen. As Butler was on the ground, he wrapped his legs around Plumlee and sent him to the floor. Butler jumped up and then went head first into Plumlee’s face area, as players from both teams pulled them apart.

Plumlee was hit with a flagrant foul, while Butler received a technical, which is an automatic $2,500.

“You know, he thought it was football for a second there,’’ Butler said. “It’s all good, though, man. I almost had to let the Fort Greene Projects out of me, in Brooklyn, you know what I’m saying?’’

Reminded that he’s from Texas and not Brooklyn, Butler laughed and said, “Taj is though, so I can say I’m from there.’’

Then Butler got serious.

“Basketball, emotions, that’s part of the game,’’ Butler said. “Yeah, he cost me $2,500. I’m going to ask him to pay me back, and I’m not playing. I’m going to ask, nicely. Yeah, I’m going to get that.’’

So will it be in letter form?

“I’m going to tell my agent to e-mail or something,’’ Butler added, before taking one last shot at Plumlee, who attended college at Duke. “I know it’s like or something.’’