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Bears, Packers have never played each other on Thanksgiving Day

When the Bears play the Packers on Thanksgiving Day at Lambeau Field, it’ll be their 190th meeting, but it’ll be the first time the two storied franchises have met on Thanksgiving Day.

Well, why would they, right? The Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys are turkey day staples, and only in the last nine years has the NFL added a third game.

That hasn’t always been the case, though.

In the early days of the NFL, several of the other teams played on Thanksgiving. The Lions, who started the tradition, became a regular Thanksgiving Day host in 1945 and the Cowboys followed in 1966.

By the way, outside of the Cowboys (29-17-1) and Lions (35-38-2), the Bears (16-15-2) have the most Thanksgiving Day victories followed by the Packers (14-19-2)