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O’Brien: Stylish point guard Marcus Hussey leads Thornwood over TF South

Marcus Hussey is a point guard. The kind with style. The Thornwood senior played a lot on a very good team last year, but this year the show is his. He’s going to break defenders down with his dribble, he’s going to throw no-look shovel passes. It’s fun to watch.

“I love having the ball in my hands and trying to get my teammates involved,” Hussey said. “As a point guard that is my job, to run the offense. I just like playing the position.”

He did his job Wednesday at the Chicago Heights Classic, helping the Thunderbirds to a 60-55 win over TF South.

Thornwood (1-2) was in control from the start. Prince Walker scored 13 points, Keith Smith and Drew Evans each scored 12.

“Drew is really our go-to guy,” Hussey said. “He’s a good player, he can get to the hole.”

TF South senior Brandon Johnson, a 6-7 Western Michigan recruit, was the best player on the floor. He was smooth and explosive, scoring 26 points. But the Rebels (1-2) were too sloppy to mount any sort of threat, finishing with 17 turnovers.

TF South senior Bron Hill continued to have a breakout tournament. He scored 13 points and grabbed eight boards.