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NFL’s 7-0 teams have pretty good chance of winning Super Bowl

The NFL is venturing into virgin territory. Never has a season seen four teams with 7-0 records.

The league that prides itself on parity has unprecedented excellence at the top. What will that mean come playoff time?

Well, a lot can happen between now and Super Bowl Sunday on Feb. 7, but if you’re a fan of one of those four teams, I’d save the date.

History tells us:

1. In the Super Bowl era, 32 teams have started the season 7-0 and all of them had made the playoffs.

2. Fifteen of the 7-0 teams have gone on to win Conference Championships

3. Nine have won the Super Bowl.

According to Bovada, the Patriots are the favorite to win the Super Bowl at +260. Oddly, the Packers, who fell from the unbeaten ranks this weekend are the second-favorite at +450.

Here are the odds for the other 7-0 teams: Broncos +800, Panthers +900 and Bengals are +1400.