Cubs Twitter is growing but far from the most popular

SHARE Cubs Twitter is growing but far from the most popular

For Cubs fans following the team this year there were plenty of things to keep entertained, but the official Cubs Twitter account was one of the most fun.

The account regularly interacted with everyone from fans, to other teams and even media members. It jumped on board with popular hashtags and was never afraid of a fun back and forth, no matter what the situation.

When compared to the rest of the official Twitter accounts throughout Major League Baseball, the Cubs Twitter account isn’t the most popular, but it’s getting there. With the baseball season over, analyzed each team’s Facebook and Twitter accounts for fans, growth and interactions.


The Cubs have only the ninth most followers on Twitter in all of baseball, but much like the young team, things are pointing way up. The Cubs have the second highest growth over the season, only behind the Blue Jays. They also, unsurprisingly, have the highest interactions of any team. Topping the Yankees by more than 100.

There were similar results when looking at the Facebook numbers. While the Cubs weren’t the most popular, they had among the highest growth and interactions of any team.

The Cubs and their Twitter account have a lot of things in common. There is no doubt that if the team on the field keeps winning, the Twitter account will stay fun.

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