The 10 sentences guaranteed to make Cubs fans immediately angry

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Sports fans, by definition, are emotional. It doesn’t take much to set a fan off and sent into a tailspin of anger. For Cubs fans, the continued failure to win a World Series just makes that fuse even shorter.

Late Sunday night, a group of Cubs fans decided to embrace their own pain and diagram their own pressure points. A thread on the Cubs sub-Reddit set out to come up with the sentences that will irritate Cubs fans the most.

The rules were simple: In only one sentence see how many Cubs fans could be irritated. The sentences ranged in variety from twisting the past to classic insults often lobbed at Cubs fans. However, even the most common of shots still cuts deep for most Cubs fans.

Here are the top 10 most irritating sentences for a Cubs fan to read:

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While the Bulls made early calls on Durant after he demanded a trade from the Nets, the likelihood of KD putting on a Bulls jersey anytime soon remains more fairytale than reality. Not only do the Bulls not fit the trade profile for the star, but there’s some history there with Billy Donovan that doesn’t help.
Hunter, now sporting a new title, handles a dizzying array of duties — from managing the salary cap to assisting new players’ families — to keep the Hawks’ front office functional.
Now that his former wife is dating an old friend, he’s making false claims that the new boyfriend was her secret lover during the marriage.
On the eve of his first game as a head coach at any level, Eberflus comes in not as a dynamic savior but an old-school, driven football coach. And maybe that’s the antidote the McCaskey family has been looking for.
We cannot continue to succeed if one of our most important transportation corridors continues to fail.