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Some Bulls didn’t seem too upset over 25-point loss to Hornets

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As the Hornets kept running up their lead during the 130-105 victory over the Bulls on Tuesday,

social media was quick to point out that blowouts like this didn’t happen under previous coach Tom Thibodeau’s watch.

While not as demonstrative as Thibs, new Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg was definitely upset if not embarrassed by his team’s performance.

After the game, Hoiberg exressed his discontent.

“It was a complete domination from the tip, and they just had their way with us,’’ Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg said. “We didn’t have any fight, no resolve, didn’t try and go back at them. Just kind of accepted it tonight.

“I mean you want to compete. There’s nights that the ball is not going to go in the basket, you gotta fight. I mean they scored over 30 every quarter, and that’s disappointing. Everyone seemed like they were on an island. Not only on defense, but offense and defense. Just not a good night.’’

With the game out of reach, Hoiberg sat his starters in the fourth quarter, something Thibs might not have done.

Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah, who combined for four points in 40 minutes, seemed to enjoy the new laid-back approach on the bench, yukking it up late in the game.

They probably weren’t alone.