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Dan Bernstein thinks Patrick Kane will soon get engaged

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The Patrick Kane saga has no doubt filled a lot of air time on talk radio—sports or otherwise.

Maybe no show in Chicago has been more vocal about it than “Boers & Bernstein” on The Score (670-AM).

As he does with so many controversial topics, Dan Bernstein has meticulously dissected the topic over the past three months.

With news on Thursday morning there would be no charges against the Blackhawks star after a three-month police investigation, Patrick Kane once again dominated talk radio.

“Spiegel & Goff” jumped right into it with “Boers & Bernstein” during their crosstalk segment on The Score.

Matt Spiegel asked Bernstein if Kane has issues the organization needs to address?

Bernstein: “I know that the organization thinks that.”

Spiegel: “I’m asking you if you still think that?”

Bernstein: “Well, I can only go by what I know, and I know the organization thinks that.”

Spiegel: “No, I’m asking you if you still think that?

Spiegel went on to say: “I still think that Patrick has some serious issues in terms of the situations he puts himself in, his regard for what alcohol is and what that can do to his life and the way that he treated Pat Foley that day [at the rally] and his exuberance to re-establish his party cred is distasteful to me. .. So, I was wondering how you feel?”

Bernstein: “I’ve always felt that way. I’ve been very clear about it. It’s always been sort of a turn off for me—that whole side of his personality. I don’t find it cool.”

After some more crosstalk, Bernstein added: “Don’t be surprised—as part of following the [Ben] Roethlisberger playbook—that he’ll soon be announcing and you’ll find out that he’s engaged.”

Goff: “Oh, you think [Roethlisberger and his wife] got married because of that?”

Bernstein: “Yep. Oh, I think it’s a nice little coincidence. … Follow the timeline on that. On again, off again, on again—and when they rolled out the image repair, that was a key component of it. So, don’t be surprised if in the near future that that’s what you hear also being done because that is paint-by-numbers image repair. That’s how they teach it.”

Kane reportedly has been in a long-term relationship.

Rick Telander and Rick Morrissey on Patrick Kane

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