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Mike Dunleavy had the greatest suit for the Bulls 60's night

Mike Dunleavy wasn’t able to play Thursday night for the Bulls during their 60’s night, but that doesn’t mean he was going to be left out on all of the fun.

This season, the Bulls are celebrating their 50th year in the league. So to commemorate the anniversary they are hosting a special “Decade Night” for each decade of their existence throughout the year. Thursday night they celebrated 60s night.

With the Bulls players wearing their Hardwood Classics jerseys, Mike Dunleavy sat on the bench in a suit. But not just any suit.

Sure, Dunleavy’s suit is probably a bit more 70’s than 60’s, but that’s besides the point. The attention to detail Dunleavy put into this get-up is just amazing. From the fantastic white shoes to the pencil thin mustache, it’s all just perfect.

The Bulls hope to get Dunleavy on the court sooner rather than later. However, if he keeps missing these Decade Nights, fans may be in for some fun.