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Noah: Derrick Rose says 'crazy s***' but is a competitor

After a horrid performance against the Charlotte Hornets, Derrick Rose was the star of the Chicago Bulls and Oklahoma City Thunder game on Thursday night.

In front of a national broadcast, Rose scored 29 points on 12-25 shooting (5-8 in the fourth quarter). Rose was the Bulls’ go to player down the stretch, repeatedly getting to any spot on the floor that he wanted.

All that talk that the former MVP is on his way out of town? Squashed. At least according to Joakim Noah:

Rose is going to have to be more consistent to be considered anywhere close to being back to his old self, but if he plays like he did on Thursday night, and keeps some unpopular thoughts to himself, he could be on his way.

It’s just one regular season game, but Rose and Jimmy Butler outscored Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook on less shots — in a game that proved the Bulls are capable of playing with anyone in the NBA.