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Derrick Rose has NBA's worst efficiency rating of players averaging 32-plus minutes

Derrick Rose is not making the most of his minutes. | Getty Images

The good news this season is Derrick Rose’s legs look healthy, and he is back to playing without any minutes limitations.

The bad news for the Bulls point guard? He’s not making the most of those minutes.

Of players averaging at least 32 minutes per game, Rose has the lowest player efficiency rating (PER) in the league, according to Hollinger’s rating index on ESPN. He’s sandwiched between Evan Turner and Gary Neal in 245th place.

The PER basically takes into account all of the good stats (points, assists, rebounds, three-pointers, steals, blocks, etc.) and offsets those with bad stats (turnovers, fouls, etc.), while taking into account team pace. Hollinger sets the average NBA player at 15.0. Steph Curry leads the league with a 40.37. During his MVP season in 2010-11, Rose had a 23.62 PER.

Three Bulls are rated lower than Rose this season: Joakim Noah (8.68), Tony Snell (8.53) and E’Twuan Moore (7.60).