’Botched’ doctor Paul Nassif sees ’some crazy stuff’

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By Cindy Pearlman | Big Picture News Inc.

BEVERLY HILLS, California — “I just got out of surgery. Can you wait a minute?”

It’s dinnertime in Beverly Hills and Dr. Paul Nassif is taking a well-deserved break from the facial styles of the rich and famous.

Today, he wasn’t doing anything outlandish. Just fixingfive famous noses.

No, he will not name names or talk about who was connected to those nostrils. “They

re so complex,” says the plastic surgeon and star of “Botched.”

Don’t get him started on the two Playboy models who were in the office earlier to fix a few “issues.” He’s not going to dish the bloody details that will appear on a future episode of his hitseries (8 p.m. Tuesdays on E!).

“Let’s just say that I see it all,” says Nassif, who also has a new skincare line called NASSIF MD Bio-Rhythmic Skincare.

Surprisingly, he says that great skin can be found in a bottle and not always on an operating table. “I created my new skincare line to match the body’s biorhythms, which are different during the day and night. Your cells repair fast at night. But you also need protection during the day from wind, smoke, smog, heat and cold. These cause oxidation and damage to your skin.

“When your stress becomes at a high level, you’ll find that your skin doesn’t look great because you’re not functioning properly,” he said. “You really need rest to repair your body and your skin at night.”

Your skin is aging right now if you’re staring into a laptop or tablet. “I created a daytime product that heals skin subjected to the high-energy visible lights from iPads and laptops. There is a wavelength hitting your face causing photo aging,” says Nassif.

“The key to anti-aging is to protect your face before you noticing the aging.”

Watching your diet helps. What should you omit?

“The first thing is diet cola. You don’t want to be drinking chemicals and it’s all chemicals,” he said. “If you must drink it, practice moderation. But you do have to get off of it as your go-to beverage. It’s the worst thing for you.”

He also wants his patients to nix too much sugar. “If you have to splurge, then have a small amount of dark chocolate. It’s good for you even if it’s sugar. That’s also my fix for a sweet tooth,” he admits.

He also drinks tons of water. “Anything that hydrates you without the sugar or chemicals is great. Water is the best thing for human being. Make sure to also add some fruit and avocado to your diet. Your skin will thank you.”

He isn’t a fan of drinking your fruits. “Most smoothies have way too much sugar in them,” he cautions. “Think of a smoothie as dessert and not a meal or a snack.”

Is he always a clean eating machine?

Nassiflaughs and adds, “Of course, I’m like anyone else. I gotta tell you that I still like my dessert.

Nassif and his “Botched” partner Dr. Terry Dubro. | Brandon Hickman/E!

Nassif and his “Botched” partner Dr. Terry Dubro. | Brandon Hickman/E!

“What the heck? You gotta live life.”

He said there were over 6,000 applicants for the current season of “Botched.”

“This season is last season on steroids. There is some crazy stuff,” he says with a sigh. “I’m talking intense patients.”

One womansmashed her face into a wall while riding a moped. “I do a lot of complex reconstruction and face work,” he said.

And then there are other patients who have OD’d on plastic surgery and come to Nassif to fix horrendous work.

It begs the question: Why do people have so many procedures to the point where they look freakish?

Nassif says, “Some people have Body Dysmorphic Disorder. They keep hurting themselves with plastic surgery and can’t stop. Then there are just plain plastic surgery junkies striving for a better and better result. They whittle down their faces doing more and more each time.”

He has a few tips for those seeking plastic surgery. “Stop,” he said. “Don’t go for bargain plastic surgery offers. Do your research. Find board certified plastic surgeons. A lot of patients go to their internal medicine doctor or dentist for plastic surgery. This is where they can get in trouble.

“And when it comes to the procedure, please be conservative. Please.”

Will he get any work done on himself?

Nassif laughs. “I broke my nose and had a rhinoplasty done. Someday, I’ll get a neck lift, but not now. I’m only 52.”

Will his mug ever grace “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” again? Adrienne Maloof’s ex says, “I have the same producers on the new show, but who knows? Maybe they’ll want me to show up for something.”

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