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Cubs game Thursday against Phillies postponed for Friday doubleheader

After a delay that stretched more than two hours, the Cubs game against Philadelphia Thursday has been postponed.

The two teams will instead play a pair of games Friday in a doubleheader.

Doubleheaders are difficult to navigate normally, but the Cubs situation is especially unusual. It is shortly followed by another doubleheader against Pittsburgh on Tuesday.

Jake Arrieta, Thursday night’s expected starter, has been moved back to Friday’s first game. The change will then move Arrieta out of his expected start during the doubleheader against the Pirates.

Kyle Hendricks will be the other starting pitcher for the Cubs on Friday with Dan Haren on Saturday.

Because of the doubleheader on Tuesday, Cubs manager Joe Maddon said Sunday’s game may be controlled by the bullpen instead of a typical starter.

This is the final series of the year between the Phillies and Cubs. With the Cubs only having two off days left before the end of the year, a doubleheader was the only option.

Pittsburgh played Milwaukee Thursday night. A loss by the Pirates would bring the Cubs within two and half games of home field advantage for the Wild Card game.