The Cubs have started an MVP campaign for Anthony Rizzo, kind of

SHARE The Cubs have started an MVP campaign for Anthony Rizzo, kind of

Winning the MLB MVP award isn’t a popularity contest, but it sure doesn’t hurt to have a little momentum before the award is given out.

The Cubs Twitter account at least partially threw Anthony Rizzo’s hat into the MVP ring Thursday afternoon after the New York Mets made a bid for their own candidate, Yoenis Céspedes.

Sure, they haven’t exactly started a Super PAC for Rizzo’s campaign, but it’s still something.

As far as the first baseman’s actual chances, he is definitely in the running. Rizzo ranks in the top 10 for nearly every offensive category in the NL.

The more advanced stats make Rizzo look even better. The Cubs All-Star has the highest win probability added of anyone in the NL and top three in most other advanced metrics.

Unfortunately, there is one player who is consistently ahead of Rizzo in almost every category, Bryce Harper. The Nationals outfielder is the odds on favorite to win the MVP.

The only thing Rizzo has in his favor over Harper is the Cubs’ success. While it’s an individual award, players who reach the postseason tend to have better chances.

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