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Malik Zaire leaves Notre Dame game early with gruesome ankle injury

Notre Dame has high hopes for this season, however they may have taken a big hit when quarterback Malik Zaire was helped off the field Saturday.

Late in the third quarter, Notre Dame had the ball and was driving against Virginia. Zaire was rushed from the pocket and turned up field when he was tackled from behind.

The quarterback’s ankle was pinned under the defender. Caution, the video below is unsettling.

Notre Dame’s training staff immediately came onto the field. Zaire was then helped off the field without putting any weight on his injured ankle.

After being checked out by the training staff and Notre Dame doctors, Zaire was carted off the sideline. ESPN reported he was being taken to Virginia facilities for an X-ray.

Notre Dame scored on the first play after Zaire left the game with sophomore DeShone Kizer in to replace Zaire. The Irish took a 26-14 lead.

Before the injury, Zaire had thrown for 115 yards and a touchdown. He also ran for another 87 yards.