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Notre Dame gets on the board early after fake field goal

Notre Dame had no intention to play it safe Saturday against Virginia.

On their first drive of the game, Notre Dame scored a touchdown on a fake field goal call.

The play was set up after Virginia declined a penalty that would have pushed Notre Dame five yards back. The penalty was declined to prevent giving Notre Dame a better angle on the field goal.

Holder DeShone Kizer flipped the ball to Durham Smythe who scampered in for the seven yard touchdown.

Head Coach Brian Kelly’s risk taking desire wasn’t over after the fake. Instead of kicking the extra point, Notre Dame went for a two-point conversion. The try came up unsuccessful.

The early decisions weren’t a sign of Kelly’s lack of trust in the team’s kicker. Justin Yoon hit a pair of field goals later in the first half to give Notre Dame a 12-0 early lead.