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FBI: ‘Uptown Beach Bandit’ captured

The woman dubbed the “Uptown Beach Bandit,” who robbed three banks last month in the North Side neighborhood, has been captured, according to the FBI.

No details on how she was taken into custody were immediately available.

The suspect first struck on Aug. 5 at a TCF Bank branch at 3531 N. Broadway, according to the FBI. Just before 1 p.m., she entered the bank, approached an employee and made a threatening demand for money.

On Aug. 14, a woman matching the description of the suspect in the first robbery implied she had a gun and robbed another TCF Bank branch at 5343 N. Broadway.

The most recent robbery happened Aug. 22 at the TCF Bank branch at 4355 N. Sheridan, according to the FBI.

During the robberies, she wore a large floppy straw hat, sunglasses and either a green jacket, tan cardigan or light gray hoodie.