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It's been a really long time since college football in Illinois has been this good

Despite consistently producing top recruits, the state of Illinois has never been known as a college football hotbed. However, only a few weeks into the season that seems to be changing.

All three of the state’s FBS teams have started their season undefeated through the first two weeks. Unsurprisingly, it’s been a long time since that’s happened.

Of the three, Northern Illinois is the least surprising. The Huskies have been the best team in the state for the last half decade and are on pace to again compete for the MAC championship.

Northwestern was a heavy underdog in their opening week to Stanford, but stellar defensive play fueled the upset in Evanston. They followed the first win with a dominant performance against Eastern Illinois.

Following their second win, Northwestern has crept into the AP and Coaches Poll top 25.

The Fighting Illini had the bleakest season outlook. Illinois fired then head coach Tim Beckman just a week before their season started. The team responded to the adversity with two blowout wins over Kent State and Western Illinois.

If the state wants to keep their streak alive, they will need to continue the high level of play. Northwestern goes on the road to play Duke. Similarly, Illinois is on the road against North Carolina.

Northern Illinois has the toughest challenge of all. They head to Columbus to play the top ranked and defending national champion Ohio State Buckeyes.