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Curses! Joe Maddon gives a nod to magic for Cubs’ success

Joe Maddon apparently thinks magic has something to do with his team’s recent success. Since he hired a magician to entertain his players in late June, the Cubs have the best record in baseball.

“Do you believe in magic?’’ he said Thursday.

Here’s the thing, Joe: If you believe in magic, you have to believe in curses too. You can’t have one without the other. I think it’s a law of nature. It’s like believing in heaven and not hell.

Asked at his introductory news conference whether he believed in any curses that might have left the franchise without a World Series title for more than a century, the Cubs’ new manager said he wasn’t “superstitious.’’

“The only tradition I’m really interested in is that Billy Williams walks out there, and to meet Mr. (Ernie) Banks,” he said. “Those are the kind of things that are really important to me. … The other stuff is fun, but I can’t really go there.’’

When he talked about magic, he opened the door for a discussion on curses. I don’t believe in either, but there’s a billy goat that won’t shut up.