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Chicago walk puts eating disorders in the spotlight

Promoting positive body images is an important part of the National Eating Disorder Association’s walk this weekend.

And boy, is that needed right now. We are bombarded by photos of the impossibly thin on TV, in movies and in advertising and that has made too many feel pressured they must hold their own bodies to these impossible standards. That often leads to eating disorders.

NEDA holds its fifth annual walk — NEDA Walk, Save a LIfe — on Saturday (Sept. 19) in its hope to raise funds and put the seriousness of those eating disorders in the spotlight. The association stats show that in the United States some 20 million women and 10 million men suffer from an eating disorder, with more than 441,000 in Illinois alone.

The one-mile walk kicks off in Lincoln Park (Diversey Harbor, 2601 N. Cannon Dr.). One of the highlights of the day will be an appearance by author Jenni Schaefer, whose latest book is “Almost Anorexic.”

To pre-register, visit here.

NOTE: Story updated to include length of the walk.