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Jeff Samardzija made a late push for a big pay day with one-hitter

This isn’t the season Jeff Samardzija had in mind, but Monday afternoon the soon-to-be free agent flashed the brilliance the White Sox had hoped would be there all year.

In the first game of their double header, the White Sox beat Detroit 2-0 behind a one-hit performance from Samardzija.

Making the performance even more dominating was Samardzija’s efficiency. He powered through the complete game with only throwing 88 pitches.

The lone hit of the game came from Victor Martinez to lead off the fifth inning. Martinez was the only Tigers player to reach base all game.

While one game won’t change the outlook on the entire season, Samardzija’s big game may help to draw up interest heading into free agency. With only a few weeks left in the White Sox season, he will need all the help he can get.

Before being traded to Oakland last season, Samardzija was reportedly offered a five-year deal worth roughly $85 million. He was reportedly looking for a deal in the $100 million range.

This season will surely drive that number down. Samardzija is sporting a 5.04 ERA and is coming off of arguably his worst performance of the year, going only three innings, giving up 11 hits and 10 runs to Oakland.

Samardzija won’t be the only big name pitcher on the market this year. He will be joined by David Price, John Lackey, and Zack Greinke, who has a player option with the Dodgers.