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The Ricketts family was planning a big event for Scott Walker at Wrigley Field

For baseball owners, the Ricketts family has been pretty good to the Cubs. However, their interests go well beyond just baseball.

They have been heavily involved in the political world for years. As the presidential primary process continues, the Ricketts’ were big supporters of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

With Walker now bowing out of the running, one planned event has come to the forefront. According to Politico, Todd Ricketts was going to host a fundraising event for Walker at Wrigley Field.

Ricketts, whose family owns the Chicago Cubs, was set to host a Manhattan fundraiser later this week and had been busily organizing a never-before-reported event for Walker bundlers at Wrigley Field on Oct. 2. Even amid sinking poll numbers, turnout was expected to be high. “The Wrigley Field thing was going to be awesome,” said the adviser. “This guy busted his ass for Scott Walker.”

For as political as the family has been, this would have marked the first big political event held in Wrigley Field.