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Robert De Niro didn’t object to repeated ‘massage’ takes in ‘The Intern’

NEW YORK — Robert De Niro let out a big laugh — as did his co-star Anne Hathaway — when asked about the scenes in “The Intern” when his character is given massages by Rene Russo. The actress plays the in-house massage therapist in the new Nancy Meyers film (opening Friday).

“No, I didn’t complain,” quipped De Niro when I said he likely did not object if writer-director Meyers asked for repeated takes for those scenes. “It was very pleasant and we had a lot of fun. Rene was so good, I think she could be a masseuse for real.”

Laughing during this whole exchange, Hathaway chimed in with, “I think you also really loved it when she gave you a foot massage too!” De Niro nodded a vigorous agreement. “Yeah. Rene is really good. … She’s a terrific actress, but she’s got massage skills too. She didn’t have to fake any of that.”