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Tanks a lot: Should Bears be shooting for next year’s top draft choice?

Should the Bears be tanking this season? Not the enthusiastic, cannonball-off-the-diving-board tanking the Cubs did for three straight seasons, but a quieter tanking that could leave them with the top pick in next year’s draft?

It’s only two games into the season, and aside from Matt Forte in Week 1, nothing about the Bears has looked good so far. They are 0-2, thanks to a bad defense, bad special teams and an offense that makes mistakes at very bad times. Now that Jay Cutler reportedly is out for the next two games with a hamstring injury, the team could be looking at 0-4 with Jimmy Clausen at quarterback.

The Bears insist they aren’t rebuilding, but they might want to start using the “R’’ word out loud. That would at least give fans hope that something is being done. It’s how Cubs fans found life worth living during that three-year stretch in which the team finished a combined 90 games under .500.

Two losses is a small sample size, but both of them came at Soldier Field. The arrow is pointing downward, all the way to a really good draft pick next year.

Hey, if you’re going to react, you might as well overreact.