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Chicago hotel may be doing their part to help the Cubs against the Pirates

The Pirates and Cubs series this weekend is the biggest either have played all year. The two teams will almost certainly square off in the Wild Card game, but home field advantage is still on the line.

With every advantage playing a huge role, a Chicago hotel may have unwittingly (maybe) helped the Cubs just a little bit.

The Pirates came to town Thursday night after their game during the day. When former MVP Andrew McCutchen entered his hotel room, he was greeted by an unexpected surprise.

Sure, it’s not exactly like the things Lawrence Taylor used to do to opponents in their hotel room, but every little bit counts. If McCutchen looks a little sluggish Friday, the Cubs may owe this hotel a thank you.

The Cubs will start the series three and a half games behind the Pirates. However, the Cubs own the tiebreaker for home field, making this three game series all important.