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Clutch Cube Clip: Wanna be like Joliet Catholic’s Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson has been the secret gem to Joliet Catholic’s outrageously exciting season, but it’s no secret the talented RB has been overshadowed by breakout star Bill Rotnicki. Even though Johnson doesn’t exude the flash and vigor Rotnicki brings to the table, he has continued to propel his team with serious hustle – fighting for extra yards and aggressive first downs.

Then the Hilltoppers took on Saint Viator. This is the game in which Johnson went berserk on his home turf.


Accounting for 4 touchdowns on ground and in the air, Johnson was able to reveal his true depth, not only as a multi-faceted RB, but as a top notch athlete.

Johnson’s praiseworthy performance against the Lions helped prove his worth as a Hilltopper while opening up new eyes to his tremendous talents. We can’t wait to see what MJ brings when up against the Hurricanes.

Joliet Catholic vs Marian Central

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