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Cubs fan gets creative with old jersey for the new team

Listen, jerseys can be really expensive. With the Cubs being aggressively bad over the previous three seasons, it’s not a surprise that fans may not have invested in new gear.

However, with the team on the brink of reaching the Wild Card game, one fan in attendance at the Cubs game Friday against the Pirates got a little creative.

Yes, that is a Ryan Theriot jersey with tape making the adjustment read “TheRizzo.”

As impressive as the creativity of this fan is, it may be time to reach into a pocket and buy a new jersey. Anthony Rizzo is almost assuredly going to be a main cog in the Cubs lineup for years to come, so a Rizzo jersey is probably a safe play.

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Theriot played for the Cubs for five seasons, including their last two playoff appearances. He’s been retired for two years now.