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Derrick Rose takes an elbow to the face in first Bulls practice

Whether it’s simple bad luck or something else, Derrick Rose hasn’t had anything close to an injury-free season since his MVP season.

Now, one practice into the Bulls season, Rose is again in the training room.

It’s unlikely anything serious happened, but it somehow seems fitting that in the very first practice Rose is already getting X-rays.

There is no word yet on whose flying elbow sent Rose to the training room.

As news of the injury came out, fans couldn’t help but react. After the continued injury problems and recent talk of free agency, Rose seems to have lost a lot of faith from some in the fan base.

The Bulls start their preseason schedule next week and the regular season Oct. 27. It is highly unlikely that this incident will result in any missed playing time for Rose.

During media day on Monday, both Rose and general manager Gar Forman insisted that Rose was coming in completely healthy.