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Carl Edwards Jr. had a hilarious at-bat against Aroldis Chapman Tuesday

Carl Edwards Jr. is a name Cubs fans hope to hear a lot of over the next few years. The young pitcher is one of the highest prospects in the Cubs system. However, he won’t be making much news with his bat.

On Tuesday night, Edwards had his first major league at-bat. Unfortunately for him, it was against the hardest throwing pitcher in the league, Aroldis Chapman.

Edwards wanted no part of the Reds closer.

According to’s Cubs reporter Carrie Muskat, Edwards was told before even entering the box to just stay away.

“I told [Edwards] when he goes up there to not swing the bat, and he followed orders very well,” Maddon said.

Chapman wasn’t even bringing his top stuff against the rookie. Chapman, who can throw a fastball well above 100 mph, never threw harder than 99 against Edwards.

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Even if Edwards wanted to take a cut, he wouldn’t have stood much of a chance. The slender right-hander was standing far enough from the plate to remind a few fans of another young Cubs pitcher.

If all goes to plan, Edwards will be a big part of the Cubs’ future. But if he ever finds himself in the box against Chapman again, standing in the corner with no intent to swing is probably still the best course of action.