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Derrick Rose has missed more games in 2 years than Tim Duncan has in his career

Everyone knows the numbers. Derrick Rose has missed a lot of games over the last few years. But those numbers are made even more ridiculous when put in context.

Rose likes to consider himself among the best in the NBA, so when compared to a future Hall of Fame player how does Rose’s missed time stack up?

To be blunt, not well.

Rose has missed six more games in just the last two years than Tim Duncan has in nearly two decades.

Broken down even more, that means Duncan has played in more than 90 percent of games since the start of his career. Including playoff games, that number moves up above 91 percent.

Rose, on the other hand, has played in only 40 percent of the Bulls regular and postseason games since the start of the 2013-14 season.

Of course, Rose can’t control the fact that he’s getting injured at such a rate. However, the sheer amount of games missed is incredibly eye popping.

Rose isn’t expected to miss any regular season time after breaking his orbital bone. However, recovery time is a little different for every player.