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Things got weird in the crowd during Tuesday night's Cubs game

Rain delays can really mess with a baseball game. Even if the game doesn’t get canceled, it throws off the rhythm of the players. It can also take the fans who remain in the stadium to a weird place.

Tuesday night’s Cubs game in Cincinnati was delayed roughly two and a half hours. By the time the game started, it was around 9:45p.m. in Cincinnati and only a handful of fans remained.

The ones that did remain saw the Cubs jump out to an early lead, then a whole lot of nothing offensively for the rest of the game.

That created one of two reactions from fans. Either they were near comatose while sitting…

Or, they lost their minds just a little bit. Although, it’s likely this isn’t the first time this fan has ended up shirtless in a stadium.

Between the rain delay and the poor play from Cincinnati all season long, the Reds crowd was the exact opposite of the fans that packed Wrigley Field over the weekend.

The Cubs remain on the road through their series against the Reds and finish in Milwaukee. It shouldn’t be a surprise if there are more crazy nights like Tuesday as the season comes to a close.

H/T Barstool Sports