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Fred Hoiberg denies troubled relations at Iowa State

A report says Fred Hoiberg had troubled relations with the administration while coaching at Iowa State. | AP

When rumors surfaced about the Bulls’ interest in Iowa State coach Fred Hoiberg, much was made about the his love for the school for which he once starred. While the lure of NBA money was enticing, many felt Hoiberg might stay in Ames where he’s affectionately known as “The Mayor.”

But a report Wednesday from the Ames Tribune makes it sound as if Hoiberg was ready to move on from the Cyclones.

Travis Hines of the Ames Tribune details several “financial constraints” that were put on the Iowa State basketball program by athletic director Jamie Pollard.

In one case, the team reportedly used their luggage as pillows and slept in a hotel ballroom for a few hours to avoid paying an extra night for lodging after a tournament in Hawaii.

A bigger issue for Pollard, according to the report, was Hoiberg’s contract, which was relatively low compared to other top college coaches.

From the Ames Tribune:

Much of the friction is believed to stem from the last re-negotiation of Hoiberg’s contract after the Cyclones reached the NCAA tournament’s Sweet 16 in 2014, according to multiple sources.

Hoiberg signed a 10-year, $20-million contract after going to a second-straight NCAA tournament while also being courted by the University of Minnesota in 2013. After that Sweet 16 appearance in 2014, he commanded a raise of $600,000 per year that those with knowledge of the negotiations believe Pollard was reluctant to award Hoiberg.

“(Pollard) didn’t want to give it to him,” one source stated.

Neither Pollard nor Hoiberg talked with the Ames Tribune for the report, however both denied the stormy relationship on a local radio show.

Hines says history might have re-written itself if not for the turmoil.

“If Jamie would have handled things differently,” another source told the Ames Tribune, “I’m not so sure Fred would have left.”

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