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Mundelein police respond to hoax call of armed man

Sun-Times file photo

Mundelein police responded to a home in the northern suburb Sunday morning after someone called police and said he was armed, but the call turned out to be a hoax.

Officers received a call from someone at 8:57 a.m. saying he was at a home in the 0-100 block of Knightsbridge Court and armed with a gun, according to a statement from Mundelein police.

The male told police he had shot one person in the home and was considering shooting two others, police said.

Officers from the Mundelein police department and other nearby police agencies established a perimeter around the house, and neighbors were told to stay home until the situation was resolved.

Officers then spoke to the homeowner, who was on vacation, police said. The homeowner allowed family members to let officers into the home and they verified that the call was a hoax.

An investigation is under way to identify the caller, and criminal charges will be sought, police said.