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Mike McCarthy: Bears’ Jay Cutler has improved

The question was posed to Packers coach Mike McCarthy on Wednesday — can the Bears, in their new offensive system, change 10-year veteran Jay Cutler’s makeup?

They have already, McCarthy said.

“They have changed it,” McCarthy said. “In my opinion, just watching tape from last year and watching Jay perform in the preseason.

“I think there’s definitely some change in the pre-snap disciplines and mannerisms. He looks like he’s comfortable in what (offensive coordinator) Adam (Gase) is having him do.

“I think it’s a good fit.”

The Bears brought in Gase to try to improve Cutler’s decision-making. He struggled with reads at the line of scrimmage last season.

McCarthy will get a first-hand look at the result Sunday, when Packers travel to Soldier Field for the opener.

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