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Mark Buehrle is hoping his cute dog can help raise money for other dogs

Mark Buehrle’s love of dog’s is well known. When the starting pitcher joined the Miami Marlins, he didn’t buy a house just because of a law banning his pit bulls.

Now, in the late stages of his career, he’s hoping his dogs can help do some work. Buehrle posted a picture of his dog to as a part of their contest to find the cutest rescue.

So far, Buehrle’s dog Slater, who is representing his charity Hope Animal Rescues, has received 6,382 votes.

Each vote Slater, or any other dog on the site gets, the website donates $1 to the dog’s shelter. The dogs that get the most votes get an extra donation at the end of voting.

Slater still resides in Illinois. This isn’t his first time being the face of the Buehrle group. Slater has been the face for many Breed Specific Legislation campaigns.

The former All-Star is now pitching with the Blue Jays. He’s had shoulder issues of late and needed his next start pushed back. Buehrle has had a rough season, but his Blue Jays currently sit in first place in the AL East.