Cubs fans thrilled around the world

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Fan outside Wrigley Field celebrate the Cubs’s Game 5 World Series victory. | Santiago Covarrubias / Sun-Times

I want to say thank you to the Chicago Cubs. Congratulations on winning the 2016 National League pennant. You are a talented club of young Cubbies who have given your fans what they have dreamed of since 1945. And now you’re in the World Series! That is a lot of years, a lot of dreams, a lot of history. We are Cubs fans, all over the world, and we will always belong to you as you do to us.

Elynne Chaplik-Aleskow, Lakeview

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Pols put ‘first things first’

I just read state Sen. Martin Sandoval’s letter encouraging us to vote “yes” on the Safe Roads Amendment.  You’ve got to love this. We need an amendment to ensure that tax money is spent in the way it was intended. No such worry when it comes to government pensions. They wrote that little guarantee into the constitution a long, long time ago. As always with our politicians, first things first.

 Jerry Logisz, West Elsdon

Stand with Sioux protesters

It is instructive to compare the treatment of the armed violent protesters who were acquitted for seizing federal land with that of the peaceful Native Americans who are trying to protect sacred sites from desecration and destruction by an oil pipeline that likely would serve foreign markets.

While we Milton Township Democrats were passing a resolution Thursday supporting the Standing Rock Sioux for their brave and principled stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline — and thus for the protection of our land, water and climate — these Sioux and their allies were being attacked by militarized police carrying assault rifles. They even used armored personnel carriers designed for roadside bombs in Iraq!

The protesters are fighting for us. We must all fight to stop global climate disaster. We must pay attention and come to their aid and stand with them.

Dan Bailey, Wheaton

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