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Bears’ Vic Fangio: Leonard Floyd’s weight ‘not an issue’

The Bears drafted Leonard Floyd No. 9 overall. (AP)

The Bears don’t plan to bulk up first-round pick Leonard Floyd, defensive coordinator Vic Fangio said Saturday.

The outside linebacker was measured at the NFL Scouting Combine at 6-6, 244 pounds, though he bulked up for the event.

“The weight thing’s not a big thing with me,” Fangio said at Halas Hall. “He’s going to weigh somewhere between 230 and 235. That’s just what he’s going to weigh. We knew that before we drafted him. So it’s not an issue. We knew that and that’s a fact and that’s what he is.”

Fangio liked his tape at Georgia, and thinks he can be successful in the NFL.

“I’m sure there’s going to be a play or two every game where you’re going to say, ‘He’s not heavy enough’ or ‘He’s too light,’” Fangio said. “Hopefully there’ll be a few plays every game, too, that we say, ‘Well, jeez, we didn’t have anybody who could have done that in the past.’

Fangio said the Bears had below-average speed in their front seven last year, and said Floyd could alleviate that problem.

“He’s very athletic,” he said. “He’s long. He can run. He’s got good instincts. They used him all over the place, so I think he has good football instincts, which we’ll see if that translates here.

“So there were a lot of things to like from his athletic ability, movement, he’s got some pass rush talent, he can play in coverage, he’s got talent for that. So his versatility along with his athleticism and length.”