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Bears new WR coach sees some Drew Brees in Jay Cutler

Bears receivers coach Curtis Johnson compared Jay Cutler to Drew Brees. (AP)

The Bears’ new wide receivers coach sees shades of Drew Brees in Jay Cutler’s play, and compared receiver Kevin White to former stars Andre Johnson and Reggie Wayne.

Hyperbole? Perhaps. But Curtis Johnson has confidence in the Bears’ passing attack.

“Here’s the bottom line: Drew doesn’t have the strongest arm sometime,” said Johnson, who coached Saints receivers from 2006-11. “But you watch a guy with Jay’s arm strength and knowledge of the offense. He reminds me of Drew with his knowledge of the offense and what he does and how he handles himself with the players.”

On Friday, after the Bears’ first rookie minicamp practice, he called White, who missed last season after having shin surgery, “one of the better receivers I’ve seen” coming out of college.

“He reminded me of some of the guys I had at Miami,” said Johnson, who coached Hurricanes receivers from 1995-2006. “He reminded me of Andre Johnson; I would say very similar to him. Hands similar to Reggie Wayne.

“He’s one of those guys that, when you looked at the draft and you watch television, you say, ‘This guy is going to be a bona fide player.’”