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One-month-old wolf puppies now on view at Brookfield Zoo

Zana, a 4-year-old Mexican gray wolf, tends to her 1-month-old puppies at Brookfield Zoo’s Regenstein Wolf Woods habitat. | Jim Schulz/Chicago Zoological Society

Three Mexican gray wolf puppies that were born one month ago at Brookfield Zoo have begun emerging from their den, and might be visible to springtime visitors to the zoo.

The puppies were part of a pack of five that were born to parents Zana and Flint on April 25, but two were placed with a wild wolf pack in Arizona as part of a recovery program for the species, according to a release from the west suburban zoo.

In addition to the three newest arrivals, a female and two males, the pack includes four yearlings who were born last year. The puppies have not yet been named.

“The current pack at the zoo mimics those in the wild. Wolves have a very complex social structure, and we are excited that guests will be able to get a firsthand look at the interactions among all the animals,” associate curator of mammals Joan Daniels said in the release.

GalleryZoo visitors might see the yearlings helping their parents caring for the pups by regurgitating their food for them and also hear their howls, yips, squeals or growls.

Mexican gray wolves used to be an endangered species, but are now a naturally functioning population with regular births occurring, according to the release.