President Obama thinks Ben Simmons is going to be an NBA legend

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LSU freshman Ben Simmons is building up a pretty big fan base across the country. The standout forward is already expected to be the first pick in the NBA Draft and is showing signs of being a star.

President Barack Obama, however, has even higher hopes for the young player. President Obama invited people to ask him questions on Twitter today while at a high school in Baton Rouge. While most of the questions were political in nature, one strayed off to one of the President’s other passions – basketball.

The question was pretty much a setup for the President, who is an unabashed Bulls fan. Fittingly, the question came on the 30th anniversary of Michael Jordan’s first triple-double in the NBA.

But not only did the President take the slam dunk answer, he threw in a surprise ending.

Maybe he was just pandering to the local crowd, but that’s high praise for Simmons. Not only is the President a fan, but he included Simmons in a group of some of the best players in NBA history.

This wasn’t the only time President Obama gave Simmons a shout-out. Earlier in the day while giving a speech, the President made note of Simmons, who was in the crowd.

Hopefully Simmons has strong nerves. Nothing like letting down the President of the United States.

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