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Scammers threatening arrest target Naperville residents

Sun-Times file photo

Police are warning that scammers who threaten victims with arrest over the telephone are targeting residents of west suburban Naperville.

Residents have received calls from scammers threatening arrest and legal action if the victim does not immediately provide information or payment to the caller, according to a statement from Naperville police.

Police remind residents to be cautious of any caller demanding money or payment, and to never make a payment or provide the caller with personal or banking information, police said.

“These callers can sound very convincing, and are sometimes quite persistent and even threatening,” Naperville Police Cmdr. Jason Arres said in the statement. “We don’t want any of our residents being scared into releasing personal or banking information over the phone.”

Receipt of such calls can be reported to the Naperville police through the Online Reporting System,, or by calling the non-emergency number, (630) 420-6666.