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Three-and-Out: Porter’s pick, Royal’s return & Osweiler’s check

Bears CB Tracy Porter celebrates his interception. (AP)

1. Porter’s pick

The Bears need big plays from their secondary, and cornerback Tracy Porter came through with an early one, picking off quarterback Brock Osweiler on the Texans’ game-opening possession.

“That was a momentum-setter for us,” said Porter, who ripped the ball from star receiver DeAndre Hopkins’ grasp. “They were driving the ball down the field.”

The big plays were limited for the Bears’ secondary last season, which accounted for four interceptions as a group. Porter made his only interception in Week 12 of last season.

2. Royal returns

Veteran receiver Eddie Royal showed why the Bears kept him over Marc Mariani and despite not playing one down in the preseason because of a concussion.

He had four catches for 57 yards, including a 19-yard score through traffic late in the first half.

At 30, Royal still has some jump left in his legs, too. He -returned his first punt since Oct. 20, 2014, when he was with the Chargers. His first one Sunday was a good one. He broke loose for a 31-yard gain.

3. Big-call Brock

Receiver Will Fuller’s 18-yard score on a screen play doesn’t break the game open for the Texans if Osweiler doesn’t identify the Bears’ blitz and audible.

It might have been Osweiler’s best play all game.

“We got a certain look from the Bears’ defense,” Osweiler said. “I recognized it.”

Fuller, the Texans’ first-round pick, flashed plenty of speed, but center Greg Mancz also got away with shoving linebacker Jerrell Freeman in the back.

“You got to make the play, keep making him cut back to the next guy,” Freeman said. “Screens are all about effort, just getting to the ball.”